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I am an active Realtor, social media coach, content creator, and influencer. Using social media and video I have built my real estate brand and business to selling over $130 million in the last 8 years. In 2022, I was ranked among the Real Trends Top 1.5% of 1.6 million agents in the United States as a solo agent.   I now use my knowledge and expertise to help inspire fellow Realtors and real estate professionals to find their authentic voice to grow their brand and business using social media.  


What’s up?
I'm Andrew.  

What’s up? I'm Andrew.  

a bit about me:

I love my doodle Hercules Mulligan 

I love to travel 

I love helping people find their place in the world 

I love wine (specially Napa cabs)

I love my friends and family 

I love Los Angeles

My business took off because of the work I put in on social media. I was asked to be a contributing writer at Inman News. 

2019- 2021

I started using Instagram Stories to grow my brand and my business. I was featured in The New York Times “Hashtag Open House” My business each year started growing 3x.


After only selling 3 homes since getting my real estate license and feeling lost and discouraged I turned to social media, specifically Snapchat to engage with my sphere.

February 2016

I got my real estate license expecting to hit the ground running.

August 2014

my story

I created my first online course “Follower’s Into Client’s: A Realtor’s Guide to Mastering Instagram.


I was featured in The Wall Street Journal titled “Real Estate Agents Turn to Tik Tok and Instagram Reels to Market Properties and Themselves” and closed the year with $23 million dollars in sales 

Fall 2022

"Andrew’s training is absolutely amazing."

Andrew’s training is absolutely amazing. The course was fantastic. I loved every minute of it !! I loved the group of agents that take part in this program. I would recommend this class to anybody but if they’re looking to increase their business by Instagram or if I just wanna have fun with it - it’s just oh much to learn, is so much changing. 

"so much more confidence to be on video and to post reels."

Where do I begin to talk about how amazing Andrew‘s Boot Camp was. It gave me so much more confidence to be on video and to post reels. I loved that it gave me the technical skills I needed. I have definitely increased my engagement. I have probably about 200 more followers and well over 2000 followers now! He is super positive and so supportive - so if you’re looking for technical skills if you don’t know where to get started on and just amazing fun ideas of how to use a reels and video - definitely reach out to Andrew - you will not be you’ll never have to miss a thing.

"you will stay in the know on what you need to do with Instagram."

Doing Andrew Jevin IG Boot Camp is a must just do it. It will help create agent relationships to network with from around the country and you will stay in the know on what you need to do with Instagram and it’s ever going changes ! Thumbs up - do it.

"Andrew is just a fantastic teacher and coach."

Andrew is just a fantastic teacher and coach. I really love that he’s giving me step-by-step and how to master Instagram, examples, step-by-step, and video that talk about how do I find a trending audio and multiple examples of types of videos should I be doing. Keep it up. Thanks.

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